Looking forward to hearing your new CD, “Don’t Cha Wanna Dance”, a thank you from dig! music

Will, thanks again for the amazing show last month here at dig! music with Les Boek, Steve Baird, and Paul McCandless, and of course Ellie, and yourself!  People are still talking about the incredible show and what a fine hour of community spirit and music it was. Thanks again, dig! music Mike and the dig! [...] Read more »

KOZT is Playing our Tunes

As we’ve come to expect from Siegel & Friends, it’s another good one…excellent musicianship, great tunes and very much made in Mendocino…look (listen) for more spins as we go along…and, as I emailed Les earlier, always thanks for great new music. Best Tom Yates The Coast Read more »

The Story behind “Follow the River”

Follow the RiverBy Jenkins, Mercer, and Siegel When you come down to the crossroads                                           And you don’t know which way to go Listen to the words in your heart, Listen to the song of your soul , Follow the River,Follow the River,Follow the River, and the River will take you home. Lay down your [...] Read more »

New CD has Arrived

Our new CD is now available. The title track, “Don’tcha Wanna Dance” has already received air play on KOZT’s Local Licks. Check it out at Dig Music in Ukiah. Read more »